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How to What VR Porn on your PS4?

How To Watch VR Porn On Gaming Consoles

When it comes to watching porn, there are many options available for people. Some use their computers, laptops or tablets. Additionally, a large portion of the population uses their smartphones to do so. In fact, anyone who wants to know how to watch porn on your iPhone, Android or other mobile devices, has many options. Looking at either regular smut or VR porn on a smartphone is simple. All one has to do is purchase a VR headset to do so.

But what about those who have gaming consoles? Can they use them to watch porn? More importantly, can they use them to look at virtual reality porno? For those who own a Playstation 4, there are several ways to do so. The Playstation VR headgear allows anyone to watch VR Porn on their Playstation 4. However, as of now, Xbox One owners have no way to do so. At least as it pertains to virtual reality porn. Xbox one owners can watch traditional porn though. The possibility to watch regular porn on a Xbox one console has been made possible through an app. An adult entertainment company called SugarDVD is responsible for the app.

SugarDVD is the adult content version of Netflix since it streams porn movies in the same manner. Using the Xbox One browser, SugarDVD allows people to access tons of porno. Of course you have to pay a monthly subscription to do so this way. Another option is to simply open up the Xbox One browser and search for porn sites. The latter is easier for watching regular porn, but not virtual reality porn videos.

Playstation owners have it much easier when it comes to being able to look at VR porn on their gaming consoles. All of this has been made possible through the Playstation VR headsets. They are very convenient and affordable. Originally, the Playstation VR headsets were made available for gamers to play video games on them. But now many console owners are using them for looking at adult content. With a set of Playstation VR goggles, checking out VR porn on a Playstation 4 can be done. It does require a few simple steps.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure your Media Player app on your PS4 is updated. The version has to be no less than the V2.50 to work. Before anything, be sure it is updated accordingly. Next step is finding the VR porn videos of your choice using a computer. You will also need a thumb drive on which to save the videos. There are many adult sites that allow you to check out tons of VR porn videos for free. They also let users download them as long as they sign up and provide a valid email address. When choosing to download the VR porn video, make sure you select the right format. The appropriate formats are located near the bottom of the VR porn videos.

After the videos have been downloaded, move them to your thumb drive. Take your thumb drive and plug it into your gaming console. Using the Media Player app on your PS4, open the files located on your flash drive. Now all you have to do is turn on your Playstation VR goggles. On your Dualshock 4 controller, hold the options button. Next, you choose the VR mode from the drop down menu. You are now ready to watch and enjoy salacious and arousing VR porn videos on your PS4!