Which virtual reality headset should I buy?

November 12, 2018

Which virtual reality headset should I buy?

Virtual reality is the new game boy in town. When it comes to entertainment and education, you can do so many beautiful things with virtual reality headsets. There are thousands of educational apps available on both Android and iOS app market. From mathematics to history, young kids can now learn more innovatively in a virtual reality environment. Similarly, watching movies, playing games on a VR headset is a next level entertainment too.

The VR technology is still new and apps are in the development stage but the market is already swamped with different types of virtual reality headsets. Choosing the right one for your needs can be a tricky task. In this article, we will try to solve your problem while giving you three VR headset – Cheap, Mid Rage, and High End.


When you’re tight on budget and still want the maximum VR fun, this headset can be your best bet. The Google is selling its basic cardboard for as low as $15. The reason why this goggle is so cheap is the minimalist design. It is crafted from a simple plastic lens and a piece of cardboard that can hold your smartphones.

These VR headsets may not look fancy or last for years but the quality of picture and images is right up there. It is best for beginners who want to try and have a feeler of the VR environment.

Mid Range:

While the Google Cardboard is just a funny looking virtual reality headset, which lacks functionalities, options and designs – the mid-range headset provides sophisticated controls, focus wheels, tracking sensors and more. The best mid-range VR headset includes Samsung’s Gear VR, French Homido, Zeiss VR one, etc. These headsets are easily available in the price range of $75 to $125.

All these headsets provide better control, looks and a greater attention to detail.

High End:

The Sony PlayStation VR, HTC’s Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve are all high-end virtual reality headsets. These headsets provide great graphics, high-resolution screens, motion sensors, etc – and therefore, unfortunately, can’t be powered by a smartphone.

They are beautifully engineered allowing more comfort and fewer chances of motion sickness. The high-end virtual reality headsets are available between 500 to 700 dollars. Yes, they are expensive but the value of money they offer is quite impressive.


No matter which virtual reality headset you use, you are bound to have some serious fun. We advise our readers to start with cheaper options and then move up as you begin to get used to of the VR environment.

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